Frequently asked questions regarding the transfer of the GLEIF accreditation from GS1 Germany to GS1 AISBL (GS1)

Does my LEI remain active despite the accreditation transfer?

Yes, the accreditation transfer does not affect your LEI(s) at all. Furthermore, the LEI’s next renewal date will also remain the same. You will continue to receive a reminder 60 days prior to your next renewal date to renew your LEI.

Does this procedure incur any cost to me?

Absolutely not, the accreditation transfer itself does not incur any costs to our clients. All fees for LEI services will remain unchanged.

Effective 1 June 2018, payment for all GS1 LEI services and transaction types will be made through a convenient, user-friendly online payment portal on the website.

How does the accreditation transfer affect me personally?

It basically does not affect you at all. GS1 is accredited by GLEIF to issue and manage LEIs globally. GS1 will offer support locally from its network of 112 Member Organisations. GS1 Member Organisations (including GS1 Germany) will act as Registration Agents and support local companies with LEI services. Customers will now benefit from working with a local account manager that speaks the same language and has expertise in data validation and knowledge of local laws and regulations.

What effect will the accreditation transfer have? Is there any action required from my side?

The accreditation transfer will not have any effects on you or your LEI(s). Your account credentials and existing LEI number(s) will remain unchanged. There is no action required from your side. Please familiarize yourself with the new Term & Conditions available here.

I think my LEI lapsed. Where can I check the status?

You can check the status of your LEI on GLEIF’s (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation) website: You can search for LEI or company name in the top right search bar. In general, you would receive renewal reminder E-Mails to notify you of the upcoming “Lapsed” status of your LEI. In case your LEI actually did lapse, you can log into your personal account on and conveniently renew your LEI under “Manage an LEI”.

The person who managed the LEI account has left without leaving access information to How do I access my company’s profile?

You can use the “Forgotten password” function on the login page . Please be aware that you need access to the registered email address. Please do not hesitate to contact our Support-Desk at should any problems arise.

Will the website still be available in numerous languages after the accreditation transfer?

Yes, absolutely.

However, in the first few days after the accreditation transfer we can only offer the website in English. We are steadily working on re-implementing German, Italian and French as language options as soon as possible, so we can re-establish the smooth customer experience our customers are used to and expect from us.

Will there be any changes to invoicing of LEI Services?

GS1 AISBL will issue all LEI Service related invoices on a global basis in the future. If a VAT-ID is included in the application, 0 % VAT will be charged with a reverse charge notification. If there is no (valid) VAT-ID included in the application, 21 % Belgian VAT will be added to the invoice.