GS1 Germany - a partner who does more than promise you security

GS1 standards apply on a global scale

Every company requires safe and practical ways to efficiently plan processes or register goods – ideally by using a solution with worldwide validity. International standards, such as global barcodes for identifying articles are an important basis for every successful business relationship in this context. This also applies for the clear and global identification of participants in the financial markets by means of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI).

GS1 as a LEI provider helps companies to get exactly this type of open, cross-industry and globally valid standards along the entire value chain for greater competitiveness as well as more planning and future security.

GS1 Germany offers more than just a code

As with the secure and fast distribution of globally valid barcodes for products and articles, we in our capacity as Local Operation Unit (LOU), i.e. a certified issuing LEI provider, value one thing in particular: the simple and fast implementation of the code into company processes. Alongside issuing the LEIs, LEI Consulting is one of our clear priorities, as we know how important practical solutions based on markets and trends are. The more than 50,000 companies using GS1 standards in Germany can confirm that.

One, two, LEI - become an LEI expert in short order

  • LEI application in only 3 steps
  • The LEI is already issued prior to receiving payment
  • LEI services for an easy and transparent management of your LEI data
  • LEI consulting for even more competence through GS1 Germany

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