LEI - Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to the most important questions

Some questions are asked frequently. We will briefly answer the most important ones here and will refer you to further information or to detailed guides in the PDF format as required.

How do I apply for an Legal Entity Identifier – LEI?

Register. Apply. Receive your LEI – you will receive your LEI code that easily and quickly via our online portal.

Just create a user account by registering and complete your application. The LEI will be submitted to you once the data is verified – only then will you receive the invoice.

A successful registration and authentication of the account opening is required in order to be able to apply for an LEI.

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How do I register?
Guide to LEI registration (PDF)
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Who is eligible to apply for an LEI?

You need to meet one of the following requirements as an applicant:

  • You are authorised to represent your company or the fund controlled by your company at the time of the application by virtue of your function (e.g. managing director, member of the board of directors, Prokura [general commercial power of attorney]).


  • You were authorised to apply for LEIs by an authorised representative (e.g. managing director, member of the board of directors, Prokura [general commercial power of attorney]) via a Power of attorney LEI request (PDF).

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How do I register?

You need a user account for your LEI application. All you need to do is register here. Afterwards, all that remains is to “complete the application” and you will receive your LEI code immediately after your data is verified.

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Guide to LEI registration (PDF)

Why do I need a user account?

The user account is your control centre for managing your data and LEIs. As soon as you are logged in, you can for example request one or more LEIs, renew terms, change master data and password or port an LEI from another provider to GS1 Germany.

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Guide to LEI registration (PDF)

How can I apply for multiple LEIs at the same time?

A collective application is no problem for a minimum of 10 LEIs. This way, you do not need to apply for each LEI individually, but can instead simply apply for your LEIs using an accelerated procedure.

Step 1: If you do not have a user account yet, please register.  
Step 2: Tell us that you wish to submit a collective application via E-mail.
Step 3: We will send you an Excel form for your data.
Step 4: Send us back the completed form with a Power of attorney (PDF), if applicable.
Step 5: We will review your data and you will receive your LEIs.

Guide to collective LEI application (PDF)

How much does an LEI application cost?

For details on all arising expenses, please see our Price list LEI (PDF).

Payment is made on account.

There are no additional costs for registering or retrieving and downloading LEI information.

Using the LEI is also free of charge and not linked to the payment of any licence fees.

Using, distributing and saving the LEI is also free of charge.

How can I renew the term of an LEI?

After the initial application, your LEI will be valid for one year, and you can cancel it subject to a three-month notice period to the end of the term. If you wish to use your LEI code for longer, you need to renew it in the LEI services section. GS1 Germany will review the data relevant to the authentication once a year in connection to the renewal of the contract.

How do I port my existing LEI to GS1 Germany?

Registered users have numerous options for managing their LEI numbers in the LEI services section. This includes porting existing LEIs to GS1 Germany.

Guide to porting of existing LEIs (PDF)

How do I change company-related data?

Registered users have various options for managing their LEI numbers in the LEI services section. This includes changing the master data.

My company’s headquarters are relocating to a foreign country. Do I need a new LEI?

No. Your LEI is valid globally – thanks to the Global Legal Entity Identifier System (GLEIS). As your LEI number is only assigned once, there can be no room for misunderstandings, even if you move your company. You merely need to update your company data in the LEI services section.

How can I see the LEI data of my business partners?

You can retrieve information on the global LEI database by using the LEI search. It is also possible to download the entire database und changes, which are updated on a daily basis.

Information on the LEI search (PDF)

What does the different status information on LEIs mean?

When you retrieve LEI information via the LEI search in the GS1 database or in the global database, you will receive status information for each dataset.

Status information overview

The application for an LEI was submitted. The data is currently being verified.

All data was verified and the LEI was allocated. This also means that all data of the past year was verified.

The last time the data was checked for accuracy was more than one year ago and for this reason this LEI dataset is no longer current.

The entity of this LEI merged with another entity. The independent legal entity accordingly no longer exists.

The entity of this LEI no longer exists and did not merge with another entity.

A transfer to another issuing agency (LOU) was requested for this LEI. After the transfer is complete, the LEI will receive the status ISSUED.

The LEI is about to be transferred to another LEI issuing agency (LOU).

An LEI for an entity for which an LEI already existed. One of the LEIs will be declared invalid and will receive the status DUPLICATE.

The LEI was declared faulty or invalid after being issued.

The LEI dataset was transferred to another LEI issuing agency (LOU). The information on the new LEI issuing agency will be displayed in another field of the dataset.

An LEI registration abandoned before an LEI is issued. The dataset will not be published in its current state, yet can be exchanged between LEI issuing agencies (LOUs).

Information on the LEI search (PDF)

What are LEI services?

You need a user account to apply for and manage your LEIs with GS1 Germany. It provides you with a clear, quick overview of your LEI data via LEI services.

LEI services – your personal control centre
As soon as you are logged in, you can choose one of the following services:

  • Apply for one or more LEIs
  • Renew the term of your LEIs / cancel LEIs
  • Change master data and password
  • Port LEIs from other providers or user accounts to GS1 Germany.