GS1 Global LEI Services

We enable organizations to grow efficiently, sustainably and securely - and help to change the way we work and live.

GS1 is at the forefront of unique identification. We are advancing identification technologies for a changing world. With everyday standards like the barcode, GS1 has proven its commitment to the security of businesses and people alike.

We are a trusted partner to governments, private organizations and academia around the world. Accredited to issue LEIs and supported by member organizations in over 100 countries, GS1 offers an unparalleled LEI service with local experts and a dedicated customer support network.

Discover GS1. Reliable. Neutral. Not for profit.

About GS1

GS1 is a neutral, not-for-profit organization.
We develop and maintain the most widely used global standards for efficient business communication.
We are best known for the barcode, named by the BBC as one of the "50 things that created the global economy".GS1 standards improve the efficiency, security and visibility of supply chains across physical and digital channels in 25 industries. Our scale and reach - local member organizations in 115 countries, nearly 2 million user companies and more than 6 billion transactions per day - help GS1 Standards create a common language that supports systems and processes around the world.

Peace of mind starts with a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) from GS1. GLEIF-accredited and with almost half a century of experience in unique identification, our global GS1 network is ready to support you every step of the way.


GS1 AISBL (GS1) is an international non-profit association founded in Belgium and based in Brussels. GS1 is an accredited Local Operating Unit (LOU) authorized by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) to issue Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) and provide related services.

GS1 LOU Service Centre (GS1 LSC)

Das GS1 LOU Service Center (GS1 LSC) is the designated operations representative for GS1 in the role of LOU of GS1. The operation of the GS1 LSC is a service provided by GS1 Germany on behalf of GS1. GS1 Germany performs its role as GS1 LSC separately from its role as GS1 Member Organization.

LEI.Direct is a website operated by GS1 and the GS1 LSC to provide LEI services.

Frequently asked questions

For the most commonly asked questions, please check our FAQ section. If you are attempting to challenge an LEI record, please contact us directly via email. For all other inquiries, please complete to the contact form and our dedicated customer service team will assist you promptly.